Where to Hold a Wedding Reception

Alexandra Pisani

Almost any location would be a nice place for a wedding reception, depending on the tastes of the bride and groom.  Basically, you want to make sure your guests will be as comfortable as possible, but ultimately the reception can be held anywhere you want it to be!

Ideally you will want to make sure the place is free of insects or other pests, extreme temperatures, and anything else that would make guests uncomfortable.  You want to provide plenty of seating, and make guests as comfortable as you can.

Alexandra Pisani

If you want to hold your reception outdoors, you can certainly do so.  Just be sure to provide adequate seating, a mechanism for keep pests like mosquitoes and stinging insects at bay, and shelter in the event of bad weather.  Tents are a good way to have this shelter available, and they can also provide some protection for the food and beverages.

Indoor locations should be within a few miles of the wedding so guests don’t have a long way to travel.  The reception is often held on the same premises as the wedding.  For example, if the wedding is held in a church, the reception is sometimes held in the basement or banquet hall.

Alexandra Pisani

When a wedding is held at home, the reception is also usually held there.  The reception may be held indoors, or it might be held in the back yard if there isn’t enough room inside.

If you choose a non-traditional location for your reception, such as an outdoor location on a beach or by a lake, be sure the location can be properly maintained.  It may be difficult to provide enough seating, adequate temperature control, and pest control.  This is something you need to keep in mind when choosing the location, so don’t forget.  The decision for the location is yours, but please keep in mind the safety and comfort of your guests.



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