Weddings At The Shard


Walking past this magnificent building the other evening, had me thinking how remarkable it must be to be getting married at such dizzy heights, and that old saying ‘the sky is the limit’ takes on a whole new concept.  London has many buildings with stunning views but there’s only one Shard.   If you are a couple who wants to own that unique spot up above the clouds to exchange your beautiful wedding vows  – then you will be pleased to know the Shard is also a luxurious wedding venue.

The Shangri-La Hotel situated up on the 34th Floor hosts a selection of complimentary services with an exclusive wedding package to host civil ceremonies and receptions for up to 100 guests.  Apart from the spectacular views such as Tower Bridge, the River and St Pauls Cathedral – pleasing your guests – you can rest assured the opulence of the venue will be a very special moment of additional splendour to your wedding day.   Just standing here gazing up and taking this photo has made me realise that a wedding in the Shard will be nothing short of pure indulgence fitted with heavenly panoramic visions – the ultimate luxury hotel wedding experience.


I won’t go into the statistics of the building as I am sure many of you have heard and seen them all before.  However, if you are considering The Shard as a venue for your dream wedding, then the Shangri-La Hotel has some incredibly unique professionally arranged packages to simplify your wedding planning, and therefore, takes care of everything you desire for your special day.

I was lucky enough to have had the chance to go up to the Shangri-La Hotel and see for myself not only the stunning backdrop,  but how meticulously well the service was.  From the moment you step inside the reception – you instinctively know you have arrived at a special place.  So if you are planning a wedding in the heart of London, with visions that simply cannot compete, then check out the wedding services that are offered to take the strain away from your big day.  With an additional stay in the Shangri-La Suite and beautifully decorated rooms for your wedding guests, it can only be the perfect end to a very special stay.


Further details on weddings at The Shard can be found here:  The Shangri-La Hotel

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