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An Exclusive Interview With Indigo Rocks

Indigo Rocks

Bride Icon first met Indigo Rocks at the Pridelux Atelier held at The Shard in London and we were so awe-inspired by some of the bespoke and beautiful table creations that were showcased.  Indigo Rocks creates stunning bespoke table decorations for weddings and events – all hand-made wedding favour boxes, gift boxes, Christmas and wedding crackers and beautiful place cards.  The creations are designed using the finest paper and acrylics, elegant ribbons and charming embellishments – giving every table that extra sparkle and glamour.  Bride Icon spoke to the Creative Director Jo Rymill to tell us more about Indigo Rocks.

Hello Jo, thank you for speaking to Bride Icon.  Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself and how the story began for Indigo Rocks. 

Hello…. I’m Jo, the Creative Director of Indigo Rocks.   I have always made all the table decorations for my family for all of our (very numerous!) parties and gatherings. Over the years, family friends had asked me to make the table decorations for their weddings and Christmas parties, and I suddenly realised how much I enjoyed doing it – from here the idea of Indigo Rocks was born.

With a background in interior design and a career as a creative director for interior design companies around the world, I have a love for pulling together a look across all the table decorations so that’s why I’ve built the ranges so it’s possible to coordinate our products on the table.

Indigo Rocks

What does Indigo Rocks specialise in?

We specialise in wedding favour and gift boxes, Christmas and wedding crackers, napkin rings and place cards/escort cards. I’m also starting to work with accessories such as guest books and albums. I’m always open to suggestions if anyone would like anything in particular made though!

How would you define the perfect table setting, what should it look and feel like, and is there a favourite of yours? 

For a wedding,  the perfect table setting is one where you can see the personality of the couple who are getting married. This is what makes a table unique, memorable and fun.

My favourite table settings are when the wedding theme has been taken through all the details, from the linens and tableware to the flowers to our decorative products. Table design is a lot like interior design; when a home is beautifully designed you feel warm and comfortable, the details are all taken care of. It’s the same with the perfect table.  Everything is where you need it to be to allow your guests to enjoy themselves – there’s really no point if there’s so many flowers on the table that no one can see one another!

Indigo Rocks

There is so much diversity in weddings now, how do you come up with a customised design to suit each wedding?

We always start with an in-depth conversation with the couple. We take into account the colours they’ve chosen in general for the wedding party, including clothes and flowers, and we look at any themes that they’ve already thought about for the wedding and we work with those.

We find that what we do is very different to anything else that’s on the market so it’s a really enjoyable process to create something unique for each wedding.  If a client were to come to us with a blank canvas, that’s just as much fun, and we would work together to create something beautiful for them.  We have a gallery of products on our website to get the creative juices flowing to start with.

We also work very much with personalisation so each of the favour boxes is engraved with messages to the guests, giving them something really nice to take home as a keepsake which is a lovely gesture.

Indigo Rocks

Jo where do you find your inspiration from when creating a bespoke luxury design?

I am inspired by so many things.  I have a strong passion for pattern and design, having spent years collecting beautiful fabrics and I’m a magpie when it comes to anything sparkly!  I’ve travelled and lived all over the world and am massively inspired by other cultures.  I bring all of this to my work.  I love it when a client comes to us with thoughts about a theme for their wedding that allows me to research and come up with some really different ideas for them.

With so many intricate details in weddings now, how does Indigo Rocks cater to couples wanting something unique and different?

We find every couple that comes to us is unique, so it’s really exciting to find different materials and designs that will reflect their personalities and help us make their table decorations as unique as them.

I do love it when a couple are looking for something different to all the other weddings they’ve been to.  As all our products are designed to be completely bespoke it means we don’t have to make all the products look exactly the same, we can mix and match.  For instance; we had a wedding where the theme was multi coloured butterflies – we made the favour boxes in a series of different colours and added hand cut and coloured butterflies so each one was different to the next, this design, added to the personal messages inside, made for a very unique box that the guests could keep as a memento.

With no minimum or maximum order quantity it also means you could do something special just for the top table or the bridesmaids, while keeping the rest of the guests a little lower key if you’d like to.

Indigo Rocks

Indigo Rocks

How lovely Jo.  So which has been the most unusual design you have created and what was the theme?

The most unusual one was a couple who were obsessed with Lego.  They had met at a Lego convention and the theme for their wedding was all centred around Lego – they had spent the 18 months leading up to their wedding building their table centres from Lego. They wanted to give their guests wedding favours that they could keep and treasure.  We came up with the idea of favour boxes that were made out of acrylic and each one was engraved with a personalised message and decorated with a small Lego figure made to look like each guest.  We also made place cards to match the boxes. The journey with this couple was such fun and their wedding was so personal and unique – the guests totally loved it!

That definitely sounds like the most unique design…!  Finally, what is coming up for Indigo Rocks Jo, and where can our brides come and see you?

Indigo Rocks plans to keep developing its product ranges while having as much fun as possible with our lovely couples!   You can see our work on the website , on and on Facebook

Bride Icon would like to say a very special thank you to Jo, the Creative Director for Indigo Rocks for taking the time to talk with us and our brides.  It certainly has been a real insight into the world of luxury and bespoke table decorations.  Do send a message at if you’d like a chat to Jo about your wedding or event.

Photos Courtesy of Indigo Rocks

Indigo Rocks

Live Wedding Lounge

A Whole New Wedding Experience – Live Wedding Lounge

Bride Icon have attended many events featuring a range of wedding inspirations, but no such inspiration has so far matched the real-life wedding experience presented to us by Jessica Hay, Director of Live Wedding Lounge.  This new concept is an innovative take on showcasing what a wedding would look and feel like, by recreating a real life wedding environment!   Directed by Jessica, it was clear to see her passion on how she wanted couples who were planning a wedding, to have the opportunity to have a fresh new approach in wedding planning.  Bringing this new idea into reality, Live Wedding Lounge successfully created an extraordinary wedding experience for  couples to view, savour and share the ambience of how their wedding might look like.

Live Wedding Lounge

Live Wedding Lounge

The Five Star, Grade II listed Sofitel St James Hotel in London, known for its British design and contemporary style that is distinctly French, delivered in style with guests served up to 3 delicious courses of smoked salmon for starters, followed by succulent beef and sweet desserts by Maitre ChouxRemy Martin provided the guests with welcoming drinks as well as the delectable brandy toast after dinner.

Live Wedding Lounge

Live Wedding Lounge

Live Wedding Lounge

Live Wedding Lounge

It was the perfect setting for some of the uppermost wedding professionals to display a selection of bridal dresses, photography, table settings and an evening of joyous live entertainment brought to us by the All Town Music band with singers Dan Daniel and Daisy Dance, who delighted the guests to create the perfect wedding experience in all its glory!

Live Wedding Lounge

Live Wedding Lounge

This new-found experience and success into producing a real-life wedding vision is possibly the beginning of more similar events to come up from Jessica and her team.  Live Wedding Lounge has set the precedent in creating an up, close and personal experience for couples to have first-hand knowledge and understanding into not only seeing how their wedding would look like, but also taking part and being closely involved, when it comes to the ultimate decision-making process.

Live Wedding Lounge

Live Wedding Lounge

It’s been a captivating and new experience for Bride Icon and the guests who had attended – one that has truly set the bar high in terms of wedding inspirations.  Congratulations to Jessica and the Live Wedding Lounge team for making this into reality – we are certain this will be a big part of the future wedding planning scene!

For more details, or if you would like to take part in the experience yourself, see their website here: Live Wedding Lounge


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Alexandra Pisani

Alexandra Pisani Weddings & Events @ The Corinthia Hotel

Alexandra Pisani has launched her bespoke luxury weddings and events business at the Corinthia Hotel, London.  With a wealth of experience in the 5-Star hospitality industry, and knowledge of both the American and European social and events markets, Alexandra provides an exceptional and unparalleled offering within the event planning sector.  Known for her creativity and sophistication, Alexandra produces and provides incredible, one-of-a-kind events including weddings, parties and private dinners.  Alexandra sets out to do things differently, focusing on authenticity and understanding, she aims to provide a pure and highly personalised experience by centering her values and work in harmony with her client’s needs.

Alexandra Pisani collaborates together with her clients to make their vision a reality. With an extensive contact book of all the very best suppliers in the industry from floral designers, caters to stationers, Alexandra will ensure that any wedding or event is truly bespoke and a complete reflection of the couple.

Alexandra Pisani

The 5-Star Corinthia Hotel in London was founded 50 years ago by Alfred Pisani in Malta who is the Founder, Chairman and incidentally Alexandra’s father.  The hotel gleams opulence and splendour at your service and based in Whitehall, providing an ideal backdrop of the iconic London skylines.  Alexandra has been part of the team at the Corinthia for a few years, but is now taking this milestone step to launch her own wedding business – which essentially has been a dream and passion of Alexandra’s on becoming the guide and pillar of strength that every bride needs on their most intimate day.

Alexandra’s unique background in hospitality is unparalleled; born and raised in the hospitality business, giving her a deep insight into the art of providing unrivalled personal customer service. From an early age, Alexandra understood the importance of going above and beyond to create experiences that will never be forgotten.  She now strives to continue this legacy through curating the most unforgettable moments for her clients.

Alexandra Says:

“This business has been a goal of mine for many years and seeing this vision turn into a reality gives me great joy and pleasure. I am so excited and I can’t wait to work closely with my brides and grooms to bring their dreams come to life.’’

Alexandra Pisani

Alexandra Pisani

The Corinthia Hotel’s in-house florist By Appointment Only Design embellished the whole room with an abundance of colourful and vibrant floral displays flowing from above, that had the guests in delight along with the beautiful serene table decorations and candles – the wedding scene was ready and set!   Visit their boutique from the Northumberland Avenue entrance of the Corinthia Hotel or see more details here

Alexandra Pisani

To add to the indulgence, Yevnig Davis the cake designer behind Unique Cakes by Yevnig created a sweet and colourful table full of mouth-watering deluxe cakes and intricate treats. Yegniv has a real passion for integral designs which embraces her individual flair to create elegant luxury wedding cakes. More cakes by Yevnig can be seen here on

Alexandra Pisani

Alexandra Pisani

It was not only the vision of the Corinthia that was full of splendour but it was the aroma too.  Creator and manufacturer of fine, natural home fragrances and cosmetic products Stephen Cordina brought together an exhibit of scented candles that lit up the room, but with a magic touch of  combining  the candles with a scented balm of essential fragrant oils, that awakened everyone’s senses and felt exquisite on the skin too.  Visit Stephen’s website to see more of his creations here:

Alexandra Pisani

Alexandra Pisani

Shaan Mu

Shaan Mu Expert Make-up Artist @ Aashni & Co Wedding Show


Aashni & Co

Shaan MuSomerset House, played host to the top South Asian fashion and beauty experts for the much anticipated Aashni + Co Wedding Show in London.  Among all the embellishments, jewellery and lavish designs, Bride Icon caught up with the celebrity makeup artist Shaan Mu.  This cheeky chappie with a sparkling personality promotes a mega clientele list ranging from Bollywood stars such as Shraddha Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez to becoming a YouTube sensation in a short span of time with his outstanding expert beauty tips and masterclass tutorials.


Shaan Mu (Muttathil) began his career as a BSc fashion designer, and insists it all happened as a mistake!   No mistake when a chance offer to do a hair and makeup styling course in Delhi changed the direction of his career forever.  After becoming top of the class in cosmetics, he was certain, this is what he wanted to set out to do.  His career as a makeup artist began in 2006 unknown to the world of cosmetics, but 12 years later he holds a proud and gratifying catalogue of being part of 47 Bollywood movies, including 1 Telegu film and 1 international film.


We asked Shaan how it felt to be beautifying some of the most elite Bollywood stars and celebrities in the world!  Being the ever so professional he feels so blessed, appreciative and loves that he has been given such an opportunity.  No doubt saying it’s also been a struggle consisting of a lot of hard work.  However, by acquiring quite the business mindset, he has earned himself the recognition that he deserves as an accomplished makeup artist.  Shaan acknowledges being in the film industry is not easy and even super stars have to go through their tough times.  After struggling for years Shaan has reached the place he wants to be – although we think the world is still his oyster!


Shaan MuAs for brides, Shaan is clear on bridal looks and creativity, although he will advise and share his ideas on what would look good for a bride – he will always ensure the brides have their say, especially if they were after a particular look – recognising this is her day.  This celebrity makeup expert is a follower of trends and keeps up with them, but not necessarily all the time.  He would prefer as a beauty expert to mainly highlight their faces, especially around the eyes, lips and cheeks – the holy grail to the art of beauty!



Bride Icon couldn’t resist asking Shaan who would be the ideal icon that he would love to create a superior look for and, of course, internationally it had to be Kim Kardashian, who he says is a superb businesswoman in her own right.  Nonetheless, there is no doubt his heart is set on Rekha the Bollwood film idol who he considers a beautiful soul both inside and out would be the epitome of his career – we hope it happens Shaan!  We would like to say a huge thank you to Shaan for taking the time out to speak to Bride Icon at the Aashni & Co Wedding Show in London.


Feature & Photos by Sinni Kumar
Founder & Chef Editor of Bride Icon

Design in Scent

Launching on 3rd July – Design In Scent Wedding Collection

Design in Scent
Richard Corrigan Mayfair

After debuting at the Richard Corrigan’s Wedding Show in London, Design in Scent are throwing open their previously bespoke-only doors, to make way for a revolutionary collection of fragrances, designed to connect with the meaning and joy of a wedding.

Launching on 3rd July 2017, the Design In Scent Wedding Collection consists of four exquisite Fragrance Journeys™.  Within each journey is a feminine eau de parfum, a masculine eau de parfum and a third Union fragrance.  The Union blends the most beautiful fragrance notes from the masculine and feminine scents to create a unique yet recognisable scent.  Bride Icon had the opportunity to try some of the combinations and we must say the scents were incredibly unique – but we loved the flowing of the fragrances into one great union!

The Fragrance Journeys™ have been designed to represent both the individualities of each partner as well as the magic that coming together as a couple sets in motion.

With twelve fragrances to choose from, the key is discovering which speaks to your heart.  The Design In Scent Wedding Collection includes personal fragrances, ambience mists (for scenting the air, invitations, linen and confetti), intelligent diffusers and many personalised gifting options so that you may share your wedding fragrance story with those you love most.

Design in Scent

The Design In Scent Wedding Collection is officially available for pre-order. Visit and enter the password “fragrancelovestory”.  You can also follow the Design in Scent journey on Instagram @designinscent