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Design In Scent – Launches @ The Wedding Club

Design in Scent

Design in Scent

London-based fragrance designers, Design In Scent, have partnered exclusively with the UK’s premier wedding boutique, The Wedding Club. The full collection of Design In Scent wedding fragrances, ambience mists and candles will now be available for all to experience in the stunning setting of the Knightsbridge and South Kensington Wedding Club boutiques.  July 2017 marked the launch of Design In Scent’s inaugural wedding fragrance collection, the first and only dedicated wedding fragrance collection in the UK. These evocative scents have been captivating brides and grooms across the country as scenting your wedding becomes just as important as choosing the perfect gown.

Aroma has the power to move, inspire and elicit long forgotten memories and emotions. Selecting a signature fragrance to weave throughout one’s wedding adds an even deeper level of meaning and memory to the big day.

Design in ScentSince 2001, The Wedding Club has been the go-to destination for in-the-know brides-to-be. Not only does it have exclusives with designers such as Zuhair Murad and Berta but it also has the most exquisite boutique spaces in the UK while offering consultation and after-care services to make each bride feel extra special.


  • Eau de parfums for the bride and groom (RRP £120)
  • Candles to scent the home and wedding venue (RRP £40)
  • Ambience mists to scent the air, linen, confetti and invitations (RRP £55)
  • Beautiful fragranced gifting options for guests (From £8)
  • Ground-breaking intelligent diffusers to scent wedding venues (From £500)

Design In Scent also continue to work on a couture basis, designing bespoke wedding fragrances for private clients.  Available at The Wedding Club from October 4th 2017 in the Knightsbridge and South Kensington boutiques

By appointment only.  To book an appointment with The Wedding Club, please email or call:
020 7581 9540 (Knightsbridge)
020 7581 0500 (South Kensington)

Design in Scent

New Bridal Fragrance Collection: Design In Scent – Is Out Now!

In May 2014, scent designer, Gemma Hopkins, the Founder of Design In Scent, was the first to link the power of scent with the magic of weddings. It was in 2016 when she partnered with wedding planner Meghan Fay, MD of Design In Scent, that the UK’s first and only dedicated wedding fragrance collection was developed and the Design In Scent Wedding Fragrance Journey™ concept was born.

Design in Scent

Scent, unlike any other sense has an uncanny ability to move, evoke and inspire us.  It can transport us to a past moment in our lives, another place on the globe or a hidden crevice in our heart. The ability to capture such a momentous occasion and the meaning behind is why wedding scent is becoming an increasingly important part of the wedding day.

Companies big and small are now following in Design In Scent’s footsteps and creating fragranced products for weddings. From Floris who have recently launched their “Together” Fragrance Customisation to Jo Malone’s Bridal Lace Bottle Collection.

Design in Scent

The first time we smell a new scent, we subconsciously associate it with what we are experiencing at the time. This link is permanent, which is why even years later, smell can continue to evoke strong emotional responses. A bride who wears a new perfume during her engagement or a guest who smells a novel fragrance at a wedding will forever associate this scent with the celebration. Years later, a hint of the fragrance will elicit the feelings of love, joy and elation that the bride, groom and guests felt on the wedding day.

Design in Scent

Up until this summer, Design In Scent worked only on a couture basis, designing bespoke wedding fragrances for private clients who wished to fully scent their weddings. While continuing with their bespoke work, on 3 July 2017, Design In Scent  opened their doors to the public for the first time with the launch of their inaugural fragrance collection for retail. Designed especially for weddings, the collection includes 8 eau de parfums and 4 ambience fragrances. The ambience fragrances will be available in candles, ambience mists and intelligent air diffusers for scenting large spaces. A range of miniature products that can be personalised will be available for guest favours. This range of fragrances and products will give couples the ability to weave scent throughout their engagement and wedding day in many unique and creative ways.

Design in Scent

The Design In Scent Wedding Collection is available for purchase at

Design in Scent

Launching on 3rd July – Design In Scent Wedding Collection

Design in Scent
Richard Corrigan Mayfair

After debuting at the Richard Corrigan’s Wedding Show in London, Design in Scent are throwing open their previously bespoke-only doors, to make way for a revolutionary collection of fragrances, designed to connect with the meaning and joy of a wedding.

Launching on 3rd July 2017, the Design In Scent Wedding Collection consists of four exquisite Fragrance Journeys™.  Within each journey is a feminine eau de parfum, a masculine eau de parfum and a third Union fragrance.  The Union blends the most beautiful fragrance notes from the masculine and feminine scents to create a unique yet recognisable scent.  Bride Icon had the opportunity to try some of the combinations and we must say the scents were incredibly unique – but we loved the flowing of the fragrances into one great union!

The Fragrance Journeys™ have been designed to represent both the individualities of each partner as well as the magic that coming together as a couple sets in motion.

With twelve fragrances to choose from, the key is discovering which speaks to your heart.  The Design In Scent Wedding Collection includes personal fragrances, ambience mists (for scenting the air, invitations, linen and confetti), intelligent diffusers and many personalised gifting options so that you may share your wedding fragrance story with those you love most.

Design in Scent

The Design In Scent Wedding Collection is officially available for pre-order. Visit and enter the password “fragrancelovestory”.  You can also follow the Design in Scent journey on Instagram @designinscent