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Hayley Paige In London’s Luxury Bridal Show @ Les Trois Soeurs Bridal

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Canary Wharf, London became the epitome of bridal couture when Les Trois Soeurs Bridal hosted their luxury bridal catwalk show in association with Brides Magazine.  Among the elite designers, Miss Hayley Paige graced the event – all the way from New York  – with a sensational viewing of the 2018 collection.

Hayley Paige

Hayley who is here on her first trip to London – since the sweet age of 16, set the catwalk on fire with some surprises in between too.  The bridal collection was married in with one of a kind ‘red carpet’ and speciality pieces.  Hayley thought  it would be fun to mix it in with the bridal range to give it that extra edge and a touch of colour!   However, what caught our eye was the dazzling starry themes and the continuation of the celestial journey – there’s a lot of elements of star dusting and even hidden galaxies within the dress!

Hayley Paige

Hayley’s visit to London is part of a journey to see how the London bride differs from the brides in the States.  Hayley said she feels there is something particularly exciting about the London bride and is hoping to see what exactly she can learn and experience in terms of price point and balance and how it all could be aligned with what the Hayley Paige aura is about.

Hayley Page

We asked Hayley which dress would be her signature statement dress and her reply was  “it had to be the Ball Gown, mostly because that’s where the Miss Hayley Paige domain and iconic novelty has come through. From a philosophical stand point, she’s the girl that wants something that’s really going to set her apart!”  Of course, we couldn’t let Hayley go without asking who would be her ideal Bride Icon.   We were so touched to hear that it was her mum.  Hayley said she would have loved to dress her mum during the 70s retro era where she could push the boundaries but still be in the moment.  Hayley described how her mum was a risk taker in fashion but also very much part of her own style and inspirations growing up.

Hayley PaigeBride Icon would like to say a very special thank you to the lovely Hayley Paige for an enchanting vision of this fabulous collection.  Hayley asked us to write down our favourite dress, it was a little impossible with so many elegant designs – but we absolutely love the Lumi Gown twinkling with stars and glitter – it’s out of this world !!

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