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An Exclusive Interview With Indigo Rocks

Indigo Rocks

Bride Icon first met Indigo Rocks at the Pridelux Atelier held at The Shard in London and we were so awe-inspired by some of the bespoke and beautiful table creations that were showcased.  Indigo Rocks creates stunning bespoke table decorations for weddings and events – all hand-made wedding favour boxes, gift boxes, Christmas and wedding crackers and beautiful place cards.  The creations are designed using the finest paper and acrylics, elegant ribbons and charming embellishments – giving every table that extra sparkle and glamour.  Bride Icon spoke to the Creative Director Jo Rymill to tell us more about Indigo Rocks.

Hello Jo, thank you for speaking to Bride Icon.  Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself and how the story began for Indigo Rocks. 

Hello…. I’m Jo, the Creative Director of Indigo Rocks.   I have always made all the table decorations for my family for all of our (very numerous!) parties and gatherings. Over the years, family friends had asked me to make the table decorations for their weddings and Christmas parties, and I suddenly realised how much I enjoyed doing it – from here the idea of Indigo Rocks was born.

With a background in interior design and a career as a creative director for interior design companies around the world, I have a love for pulling together a look across all the table decorations so that’s why I’ve built the ranges so it’s possible to coordinate our products on the table.

Indigo Rocks

What does Indigo Rocks specialise in?

We specialise in wedding favour and gift boxes, Christmas and wedding crackers, napkin rings and place cards/escort cards. I’m also starting to work with accessories such as guest books and albums. I’m always open to suggestions if anyone would like anything in particular made though!

How would you define the perfect table setting, what should it look and feel like, and is there a favourite of yours? 

For a wedding,  the perfect table setting is one where you can see the personality of the couple who are getting married. This is what makes a table unique, memorable and fun.

My favourite table settings are when the wedding theme has been taken through all the details, from the linens and tableware to the flowers to our decorative products. Table design is a lot like interior design; when a home is beautifully designed you feel warm and comfortable, the details are all taken care of. It’s the same with the perfect table.  Everything is where you need it to be to allow your guests to enjoy themselves – there’s really no point if there’s so many flowers on the table that no one can see one another!

Indigo Rocks

There is so much diversity in weddings now, how do you come up with a customised design to suit each wedding?

We always start with an in-depth conversation with the couple. We take into account the colours they’ve chosen in general for the wedding party, including clothes and flowers, and we look at any themes that they’ve already thought about for the wedding and we work with those.

We find that what we do is very different to anything else that’s on the market so it’s a really enjoyable process to create something unique for each wedding.  If a client were to come to us with a blank canvas, that’s just as much fun, and we would work together to create something beautiful for them.  We have a gallery of products on our website to get the creative juices flowing to start with.

We also work very much with personalisation so each of the favour boxes is engraved with messages to the guests, giving them something really nice to take home as a keepsake which is a lovely gesture.

Indigo Rocks

Jo where do you find your inspiration from when creating a bespoke luxury design?

I am inspired by so many things.  I have a strong passion for pattern and design, having spent years collecting beautiful fabrics and I’m a magpie when it comes to anything sparkly!  I’ve travelled and lived all over the world and am massively inspired by other cultures.  I bring all of this to my work.  I love it when a client comes to us with thoughts about a theme for their wedding that allows me to research and come up with some really different ideas for them.

With so many intricate details in weddings now, how does Indigo Rocks cater to couples wanting something unique and different?

We find every couple that comes to us is unique, so it’s really exciting to find different materials and designs that will reflect their personalities and help us make their table decorations as unique as them.

I do love it when a couple are looking for something different to all the other weddings they’ve been to.  As all our products are designed to be completely bespoke it means we don’t have to make all the products look exactly the same, we can mix and match.  For instance; we had a wedding where the theme was multi coloured butterflies – we made the favour boxes in a series of different colours and added hand cut and coloured butterflies so each one was different to the next, this design, added to the personal messages inside, made for a very unique box that the guests could keep as a memento.

With no minimum or maximum order quantity it also means you could do something special just for the top table or the bridesmaids, while keeping the rest of the guests a little lower key if you’d like to.

Indigo Rocks

Indigo Rocks

How lovely Jo.  So which has been the most unusual design you have created and what was the theme?

The most unusual one was a couple who were obsessed with Lego.  They had met at a Lego convention and the theme for their wedding was all centred around Lego – they had spent the 18 months leading up to their wedding building their table centres from Lego. They wanted to give their guests wedding favours that they could keep and treasure.  We came up with the idea of favour boxes that were made out of acrylic and each one was engraved with a personalised message and decorated with a small Lego figure made to look like each guest.  We also made place cards to match the boxes. The journey with this couple was such fun and their wedding was so personal and unique – the guests totally loved it!

That definitely sounds like the most unique design…!  Finally, what is coming up for Indigo Rocks Jo, and where can our brides come and see you?

Indigo Rocks plans to keep developing its product ranges while having as much fun as possible with our lovely couples!   You can see our work on the website , on and on Facebook

Bride Icon would like to say a very special thank you to Jo, the Creative Director for Indigo Rocks for taking the time to talk with us and our brides.  It certainly has been a real insight into the world of luxury and bespoke table decorations.  Do send a message at if you’d like a chat to Jo about your wedding or event.

Photos Courtesy of Indigo Rocks

Indigo Rocks


Luxury Destination Wedding Spots for 2019

Gone are the days of huge weddings with hundreds of guests. In today’s experiential landscape, couples are seeking more intimate weddings in uncharted territories that create unique memories with their closest friends and families.

From swimming with sharks and stingrays in the crystal blue waters of Bora Bora right outside your over water bungalow; to canoeing to a private white-sand motu where you’re greeted with champagne and a French-Polynesian drum ceremony before your personalised dinner under the Tahitian sky!

Bora Bora by – Ishan

Or perhaps you prefer an exclusive tour of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s largest mosques with 82 white domes, precious white marble floors, and chandeliers with over 40 million Swarovski crystals; followed by a safari tour in the world’s largest sand desert, where you are led on camel back to a glamorous Middle Eastern-style tented site where you can relax in a romantic spa with Moroccan hammocks and desert rose rituals.

ABU DHABI – Juliana

Recognising this desire for unparalleled experiences, LLG Events rooted itself in the world’s most luxurious destinations to design, manage and execute once-in-a-lifetime events for clients from all over the world.

“It’s not about getting there, it’s about enjoying the process. We make the event experience less typical and entirely personal by incorporating your interests and mindset beyond geography and demographic. It’s authentic, ethical, eccentric…it’s you. Attain the new standard of luxury, where your event is complete with exclusive experiences that tie emotional fulfilment with unforgettable moments that last a lifetime,” said Teal Nicholson, creative director of LLG Events.

ABU DHABI – Cal Engel

With this expertise, LLG Events is unveiling the top 2019 wedding destinations of grandeur across the globe.  Bride Icon received the details on LLG Events’ partnerships with 5-star venues, resorts, and tourism boards in each of these destinations.

1. Dubai—The United Arab Emirates plans to make Dubai the top tourist destination in the world by 2025. “Last year, I had a sense that the invitation-only Destination Wedding Planners Congress would select Dubai as the location for their 2019 conference, and I was right! My guess earned us the first invitation to Atlantis, The Palm for this year’s business-to-business platform that brings together over 70 countries represented by their luxury event industry vendors who cater to celebrity and royalty,” said Lauren Grech, CEO and co-founder of LLG Events.

DUBAI – Lucy M

The influx of wedding vendors for this elite conference alone will form partnerships with venues and vendors of the region. Known for splendorous shopping, ultra-modern architecture, and a lively nightlife scene, Dubai is on the rise for attracting engaged couples.

DUBAI – David Rodrigo

Couples can choose to become part of the preferred clique in Dubai’s shopping district and have the groom don a pair of tailored shoes from their in-house cobbler offering a formal shoe customisation service…or they can choose to have their wedding reception on a yacht sailing through the Arabian Gulf with a full crew catering to them as they watch the sun set over the Dubai skyline.

2. New York City— is where people go to achieve their dreams; so when planning a dream wedding, it will always be at the top of the list for prosperous destinations.

New York City – Fezbot2000

“We have clients coming to New York City from all over the world choosing it to be the destination of their nuptials because it’s the melting pot of cultures where everyone is comfortable coming together, and that’s the most important part of a wedding day,” said Teal Nicholson.

“The best event designs are an expression of who you are and who you’re meant to be. Marrying in New York City allows couples to share their backgrounds, their values, their interests, and their love with components that transcend across generations.”

Additionally, the options for venues are endless, so couples can choose one, or even multiple, that are a true reflection of what they want their wedding day to be…whether that’s a hotel with outstanding views of Central Park, cocktails served exclusively in Baccarat crystal, or royal residences with Louis XIV-style.

New York City – Mohit Singh

3. India“Celebrities always set trends, so with the recent weddings of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja, we know that others will start to flock to India for their own interpretations of a celebrity-inspired wedding,” says Lauren Grech.

India – Pablo Heimplatz

Premier publications are highlighting these extravagant, lavish weddings that extend over multiple days. This publicity provides all the necessary information on how to plan a destination wedding across the country, whether couples want to marry on a 32-acre oasis with manicured lawns and landscaped gardens; or if they want a property that boasts views of the iconic Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

India – Raghu Nayyar

4. Bora Bora—Named the top-trending destination for millennial travel in 2019, LLG Events is enhancing the mindset of Bora Bora from a honeymoon destination to a wedding spot that serves beyond elopements to larger groups of friends and family, with bucket-list activities taking over the itinerary.

BORA BORA – Shifaaz-Shamoon

“We recognise that couples are seeking a more exclusive wedding day experience,” says Lauren Grech, CEO and founder of LLG Events. “So we sought out a destination that’s exotic, that was not affected by Zika virus, and that could be affordable for those that were already willing to spend on a large at-home wedding. This led us to our partnership with the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora.”


With a private suite experience that makes travelling to the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora a breeze, and an endless choice of tours and pursuits upon arrival, couples are sure to start tying the knot in this picturesque location.

5. Abu Dhabi is more accessible than ever with an extensive list of new hotels opening. With flights from most major cities, couples can be put at ease when considering the travel experience for their guests with small children or elderly family members. It also often ranks as one of the safest cities in the world.

ABU DHABI – Martin Adams

With all of the large investments being made in the Middle East, the Abu Dhabi Convention and Exhibition Bureau sponsored LLG Events to evaluate 21 of their newest luxury resorts and their accompanying experiences. This push to align with white-glove service proves the significance of the region’s goals of becoming a luxury wedding destination.

ABU DHABI – Zosia Korcz

They are promoting their varied cuisine, culture and time-honoured traditions, with one hotel having 14 restaurants within it, satisfying any indulgence couples may have on a gold platter; and the Women’s Handicraft Centre allowing couples to source local embroidery, weaving and other creative arts for wedding decor or favors.





What a weekend of luxury bridal it’s been!  The Bridelux Atelier Show driven by the Commercial Director Anisha Varsani of Anisha Varsani Creates kicked off in full swing on Friday 9th & Saturday 10th March 2018 – bringing together some of the most opulent designers all under one roof  at the Rosewood Hotel in London.

Guests were treated with a flow of champagne, scrumptious cakes and macaroons to designs from the legendary designer Vivienne Westwood, vintage and chic wedding dresses from Eliza Jane Howell, and not forgetting the stunning table decorations.  Bride Icon have captured some of the images that showcase some of the latest luxury wedding trends!




Eliza Jane Howell – Bridal dresses




RWS London – Wedding & Event Planners



Beautiful florals by – Maison de Fleurs



The wedding range of cakes and macaroons by Ladurée UK



Jadore La Vie – Caberet & Couture


Charlotte Olympia – luxury shoes



Ananya – Award winning wedding & event stationery


Twilight Trees beautifully lit up the whole atelier!


Some fun and entertainment for the guests!


Double Dutch Drinks – we love the cranberry tonic!


Thank you to all the designers and suppliers we spoke to at the Bridelux Atelier!


The Yoga Wellness Company Offers Luxury Retreats for 2018

yoga“New Year, New You” – we are all familiar with the age-old cliché that gets banded around at this time of year, yet nonetheless, we routinely begin to prep-talk ourselves about all the healthy initiatives we will undertake (after Christmas that is!),  However, aside from the initial two-week hype in January, very rarely do we actually follow through on our New Year’s #HealthGoals – and it’s easy to see why with summer seemingly way over the horizon.

YogaSo, this year, let’s try a new tactic. Instead of telling ourselves all the things we need to give up, let’s give ourselves something to look forward to; something that not only fits with our health goals, but something that will also give us a new outlook on maintaining a healthy lifestyle – all year round.

yogaJoin The Yoga Wellness Company in 2018 for one of their exclusive luxury yoga retreats – and give your body that TLC it deserves after all the stress you’ve put your mind and body through in 2017.

YogaHosted in some of the most beautiful locations Europe has to offer, escape the hustle and bustle of the workplace and enjoy yoga practices that is tailored to your needs and ability. The team of Yoga experts have carefully created the retreats to allow you to enjoy as much freedom as you need to explore the beautiful locations, eat plentifully and enjoy as much (or as little!) Yoga as you like – This is YOUR experience.

yogaWhether you’re looking for a Spring, Autumn or Winter break, book your place at one of their retreats.  First of the retreats is the Austrian Alpine Retreat on the 21st – 27th April. Immerse yourself in the stunning natural landscapes of Mühlbacham Hochkönig. With miles of lush greenery and a dramatic backdrop of the alps, this is a truly magical place to leave your busy lifestyle behind.

Jennifer Ellis, founder of The Yoga Wellness Company and wellness enthusiast of 25 years commented, “Our retreats are an invitation to let go of everyday responsibilities and immerse yourself in yoga, to deepen your understanding of the practice and gain new insights within a nurturing environment whilst also enjoying the space and time to relax in beautiful surroundings with fellow guests. You will leave feeling inspired and rejuvenated.”

Whichever you choose, The Yoga Wellness Company’s retreats are ideal for those looking to escape the hectic city life and find greater balance in mind and body for 2018.


To book your place, please visit or email




Indian Summer Wedding Fair @ Hedsor House

HedsorHedsor House opened its doors this week to reveal the grandeur of this stunning Georgian stately home with an exquisite Indian Summer Wedding Fair. The country house which is suitably located within 45 minutes from London, and set in 100 acres of Buckinghamshire parkland with Grade II listed gardens, became a vision of illuminated splendour to the delight of the many visitors.


Privately-owned and immaculately sustained by the Shephard Family, Hedsor House is not only a luxury venue for weddings, it takes pride in making sure it is also seen as a contemporary and current venue, celebrating high profile events with clients and global brands such and Mercedez-Benz, BBC, Ferrari, Johnny Depp and our favourite George Clooney, who recently filmed his latest advert being kidnapped to Hedsor House for Nespresso!


Upon arriving at the grand entrance hall, guests were promptly transported into an aura of enchantment with lighting effects by Just Seventy Ltd – an event design management company, creating the exuberance to set the stage for an evening of quintessential wedding inspiration.


The heart of the Centre Hall with its domed ceiling, transformed into a ceremonial setting with an elegant archway of flowers by florist Wild About that streamed through the magnificent mansion – creating a bouquet of delightful scents and shades of an Indian Summer.

Hedsor House is renowned for its own historical features and period characteristics. Nonetheless, amongst the supreme heritage, the house also offers a blank canvass along with a natural radiance to create just the right ambience for that perfect country wedding.









Of course, for every wedding the reception is positioned at the very heart of the occasion, and to present its finery, there is nothing quite as prominent as the Grand Ballroom!   Catering for up to 150 guests the Indian Summer theme flowed into a selection of ostentatious table settings created by the artistic Rachel Ramsbottom of Create.  The inventive team from Create also supplied the delicious food throughout the evening, providing guests with a selection of succulent savoury and sweet canapés bursting with flavour and colours.




Bride Icon would like to thank Hedsor House for a wonderful evening.  It is the perfect country house for a luxury wedding with a picturesque backdrop for civil wedding ceremonies and blessings.  Not only can the ceremonies take place in the house and estate, but outdoor blessings can take part on the beautifully preserved green lawns.  Of course, Indian weddings –  as we know it – can be a large scale affair, but Hedsor House can equally take up to 800 guests with a marquee – making it the perfect Indian Summer wedding!

For more details on Hedsor House weddings visit their website

Luxury Wedding

Luxury Wedding Fair @ Olympia London

Luxury wedding

With intimate salon catwalks, one to ones with the most prestigious and sought after wedding designers, artisans and experts including Emmy London, Artisan du Chocolat, The Wedding Club and more – it is the place to be this weekend!

Luxury Wedding

Debuting at Olympia London , The Luxury Wedding Fair has brought together over 50 of the most coveted designers, location specialists, planners, artisans and more for an intimate luxury wedding experience. Guests are being waited on hand and foot with Prosecco and canapés on arrival and exclusive access to the salon catwalks, showcasing the latest collections from the likes of Caroline Castigliano, Sassi Holford, Ruth Milliam, Emmy London and more, with those in attendance able to meet the designers face to face.

Tickets to The Luxury Wedding Fair, include a selection of canapés, prosecco, a beautiful complimentary take home gift, plus access to The National Wedding Show also taking place at Olympia London from 22nd – 24th September, costing £40, available on the door Saturday 23rd Sunday 24th.

The Luxury Wedding Fair has teamed up with urban retreat at Harrods to offer VIP tickets for £90, which include a 30 minute private consultation with Terry or Kerastase experts as well as an Urban Retreat goody bag worth £250.  For tickets and information visit

In what is an unmissable opportunity to experience the most prestigious in the industry, limited tickets are still available to join the bespoke weekend that will grant access to the most desirable brands and designers from the world of luxury wedding planning.

Alex Butler, Event Director, The Luxury Wedding Fair, comments: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the inaugural Luxury Wedding Fair. In a climate where brides have higher expectations than ever before for their wedding day, we have produced a stylish and intimate setting where they can benefit from one to one consultations with the industry’s finest designers and creators.”

Expert tailors Scabal, the acclaimed British designer Ian Stuart, the connoisseur of luxury bridal and evening wear in the UK.  Caroline Castigliano the celebrated British designer Stephanie Allin Sand many more await guests for one to ones with ticket holders.

Ruth Milliam of  Ruth Milliam Bridal Couture said: “The Luxury Wedding Fair definitely brings the luxury element. It is the place to be for all things luxe.”

Sassi Holford said “We’ve seen some lovely brides-to-be that have found The Luxury Wedding Fair a lovely
environment to be inspired. It is great for us to showcase in a different environment outside of our boutique and reinforce the brand.

Luxury Wedding

Attendees to The Luxury Wedding Fair can sample the couture chocolatiers ARTISAN DU CHOCOLAT, the award winning boutique cake design studio BLUEBELL KITCHEN and meet the culinary experts behind PURPLE GRAPE. The latest collections are on display from the world’s leading diamond jeweller BLUE NILE and the multi award-winning Goldsmith and diamond mounter, Richard Talman’s RTFJ.  The most exclusive venues including THE HURLINGHAM CLUB and CORINTHIA HOTEL LONDON, plus wedding planners including GRACE KENNEDY EVENTS, EVENT DEN, AMORETTI WEDDINGS & EVENTS and more will be on hand to talk one to one.

BEYOND WEDDINGS have curated an exclusive pavilion filled with their experts, on hand to offer one to one advice on the most unique and exclusive wedding venues not just in the UK but worldwide.

The Luxury Wedding Fair have also teamed up exclusively with THE WEDDING GALLERY – a highly anticipated retail and planning destination opening in London this October, set to revolutionise the way weddings are planned. Guests at The Luxury Wedding Fair are the very first to be introduced to the concept of The Wedding Gallery, and how its 200 plus brands will help support over the planning process.

The Luxury Wedding Fair at the Olympia, London
Opening Times –
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 5pmTickets £50 advance / £90 VIP

Available from

Aashni & Co Spring/Summer Bridal Trunk Show

Aashni & co

Aashni & Co the UK’s leading Indian high fashion multi-brand store will be hosting the Spring/Summer 2017 Bridal & Luxury Prêt Trunk Show on Friday 9th June from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Visitors to the store will have an exclusive opportunity to meet leading designers Gaurav Gupta, Varun Bahl and Sunita Shekhawat.

As a UK exclusive, fashionistas will have the chance to discover and browse the avant-garde and fashion forward designs by Gaurav Gupta; the delicate and feminine styles with an edge by Varun Bahl; and exquisite, heirloom-worthy jewels by Sunita Shekhawat.  Shoppers will also get an insight into their heirloom and existing jewellery pieces at the show from an expert, and are invited to bring their pieces along.

With a winning mix of ensembles and jewellery, the collections will comprise bridal and trousseau staples, as well as pieces for the entire wedding party that’s presented by the fashion luminaries themselves!

The Spring/Summer Bridal & Luxury Pret Trunk Show

Date:  Friday 9th June 2017

Time:  11.00 am to 6.00 pm 

Aashni & Co, 47 Ledbury Road, London  W11 2AA

Join the conversation on social media with:


Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige In London’s Luxury Bridal Show @ Les Trois Soeurs Bridal

hayley paige

Canary Wharf, London became the epitome of bridal couture when Les Trois Soeurs Bridal hosted their luxury bridal catwalk show in association with Brides Magazine.  Among the elite designers, Miss Hayley Paige graced the event – all the way from New York  – with a sensational viewing of the 2018 collection.

Hayley Paige

Hayley who is here on her first trip to London – since the sweet age of 16, set the catwalk on fire with some surprises in between too.  The bridal collection was married in with one of a kind ‘red carpet’ and speciality pieces.  Hayley thought  it would be fun to mix it in with the bridal range to give it that extra edge and a touch of colour!   However, what caught our eye was the dazzling starry themes and the continuation of the celestial journey – there’s a lot of elements of star dusting and even hidden galaxies within the dress!

Hayley Paige

Hayley’s visit to London is part of a journey to see how the London bride differs from the brides in the States.  Hayley said she feels there is something particularly exciting about the London bride and is hoping to see what exactly she can learn and experience in terms of price point and balance and how it all could be aligned with what the Hayley Paige aura is about.

Hayley Page

We asked Hayley which dress would be her signature statement dress and her reply was  “it had to be the Ball Gown, mostly because that’s where the Miss Hayley Paige domain and iconic novelty has come through. From a philosophical stand point, she’s the girl that wants something that’s really going to set her apart!”  Of course, we couldn’t let Hayley go without asking who would be her ideal Bride Icon.   We were so touched to hear that it was her mum.  Hayley said she would have loved to dress her mum during the 70s retro era where she could push the boundaries but still be in the moment.  Hayley described how her mum was a risk taker in fashion but also very much part of her own style and inspirations growing up.

Hayley PaigeBride Icon would like to say a very special thank you to the lovely Hayley Paige for an enchanting vision of this fabulous collection.  Hayley asked us to write down our favourite dress, it was a little impossible with so many elegant designs – but we absolutely love the Lumi Gown twinkling with stars and glitter – it’s out of this world !!

©Bride Icon


Christmas Extravaganza @ Grosvenor House Hotel

Ameet Uberoi launches his Christmas Extravaganza at the Albemarle Suite, Grosvenor House Hotel, on Monday 28th November 2016 from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm showcasing some of the finest exhibitors in luxury, art, fashion and jewellery.

The launch is also in aid of the Be Kind movement whereby the primary purpose is to empower disadvantaged women in the UK and India by promoting kindness and generous acts.

The showcase will feature elegant and stylish jewellery by admired designers such as Chahat Mon Desir, and Zevar but also the equally exquisite Vashti collection, alongside a luxury range of lingerie by Zumruduanka and art from the Belgravia Gallery.

Chahat Mon DesirChahat Mon Desir are creators of elegant jewellery including luxury pearls from the South Asian seas.  The designs are inspired for the confident woman who desires to look different each time she steps out of her home.



Zevar celebrates the diversity of India and its multiple cultures. Their jewellery is sourced from selected artisans across the country and promotes the finest traditions of Indian craftsmanship.  The jewellery is niche, handmade and with a selection of unique designs add to the individuality of the brand.

Sought after fashion and lingerie designer Zumrudaunka is a luxury brand whose work has been featured on the front cover of Elle magazine, British Vogue plus many more. The style is sultry and sexy perfect for Christmas or the bride-to-be!


Vashti Collections is an online store with a range of exclusive and vibrant designer suits and sarees.  @vasticollections

Vashti Collections

Belgravia Gallery established in 1986 will be featuring the artwork from HRH The Prince of Wales and the late Nelson Mandela.  Belgravia Gallery have raised millions for charity and works with many established and emerging artists.

grosvenor house

By contributory writer – Ateca Akwue,

Creative Director for Lolase Make Up