How To Find The Perfect Wedding Invitations For Your Big Day


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Welcome to 2020!  It has finally arrived and we here at Bride Icon would like to wish you a very Happy New Year.   What a perfect time of the year to be planning a wedding as we’re sure there are going to be some amazing wedding designs in all categories waiting to be explored.   We are also going to provide you with some of the latest 2020 wedding trends to help you create your perfect wedding day.

So lets kick off with our first article for 2020 with some great ideas for those of you, who are already in the thick of things with planning your wedding, and looking for some great ideas for wedding invitations.  Do take a look below at our Definitive Guide to Wedding Invitations.

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Wedding invitations are one of the most important purchases that the bride and groom will make during the wedding planning process. This guide to wedding invitations will make the process that much easier for the couple.

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Finding the perfect wedding invitations is not going to be difficult.

The best way to search for these invitations is online since the options are unlimited.  The bride and groom should have already chosen their colour scheme and theme if there will be one. The wedding invitations should reflect this theme and colour scheme and set the atmosphere for the wedding.  Guests will know whether the event is going to be formal or with a certain theme just by the invitations that the bride and groom choose.  This is important so that all guests dress appropriately and are prepared for the event.

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There is certain information that must be included on the wedding invitations. The first is the names of those who are hosting the wedding if the bride and groom are not doing it themselves.  The full names of the bride and groom should also be included.  This is so that distant relatives and even unknown family friends will be able to address the cards and gifts properly.  The wedding invitations should also include the date, time, and location of the ceremony.  If the reception is at a much later time or different location, then this information should be included on the wedding invitations as well.  The guests will need all of this information in order to plan for their trip to the wedding.

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In addition to the wedding invitations, the guests will need a way to respond. This information can be included directly on the invitation or the bride and groom can include a reply card with the invitation. The reply cards provide all of the information that the bride and groom will need to finalise some of the details of the wedding. The reply card should include lines for the guests to include their names, whether they will be attending the wedding or not, how many people are in their party, and their meal choice if one is offered. The reply card should include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so the guests can easily return them. All of this information is crucial to the bride and groom.

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There are some additions that the bride and groom may choose to add to the wedding invitations. One of the simplest but most beautiful additions is to add liners to the envelopes. These liners are available in so many colours that the bride and groom can choose ones that will match the colour scheme they have chosen. The bride and groom may also choose to have their return address printed on the envelopes. This saves time and costs little money.  If the wedding is going to be an elegant, formal event, then the bride and groom should add a tissue paper overlay on top of the wedding invitations.  Each of these additions will make the wedding invitations that much more special.

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Hope these little tips from our guide to wedding invitations, will help our brides and grooms make their day a little more easier and special.

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