Choosing A Great Selection of Music for Your Wedding


It’s your big day and you want all your guest to enjoy themselves and music is the best way to make them happen. There are two ways you can choose a great music play list for your wedding.  You can either have live music, or you can have recorded music.

Traditionally live music has been the music of choice, but recorded music is becoming more popular.

Live music has often been preferred because it seems more traditional and romantic.  It may be seen as “cheap” to have recorded music at a wedding ceremony, and live music is often expected to be a special thing.

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But sometimes the couple may not enjoy live music.  They may have very specific taste in music that would be better suited to recorded music.  In this case,  hire a DJ to play your choosen play list instead.




If you’re going to hire live music, you should find an artist or group that can perform the kind of music the two of you both enjoy.  If you both hate classical music, don’t hire an orchestra!  It may seem like the “classy” thing to do, but the two of you should really enjoy the music at your wedding!  If you are both crazy for heavy metal music, go ahead and hire that wild heavy metal band!  It’s your wedding!  You can always have some recorded music thrown into the mix.

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If you decide on recorded music, you can discuss your song choices that you want to play with the DJ well before the wedding.  You might want to choose mostly romantic songs, or you might prefer having a few fun dance songs played to liven up the party.  Remember, it’s your wedding, so choose the music that the two of you enjoy.  If you have to buck tradition, go ahead and do so!

I do recommend choosing at least one slow song for the first dance.  It’s traditional that the bride and groom share the first dance, and it may be recorded and shared through copies to all your guests.  You will probably want to give the guests that one dance to a slow, romantic song at the very least.  Then again, if you both hate mushy music with a passion, go for what you like!  It’s your wedding, after all!


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