Heavenly Honeymoons In South India

Swimming in the sunset

If you’re looking for somewhere a little different to create magical honeymoon memories, then say ‘I do’ to a romantic escape in beautiful and diverse South India.

With serene backwaters, glorious beaches, misty mountain ranges and immersive culture, a tour in South India will allow you to explore a unique destination together, at your own pace.

Vythiri Wayanad Tree House
Swaswara aerial shot

Picture yourselves as the only guests taking in the panoramic views from the 19th century King’s Residence Chittoor Kottaram in Cochin. Or why not hide away completely in a treehouse in the Wayanad mountains, or head to Kerala’s secret backwater islands to stay on a private retreat.

House Boat

For the ultimate Keralan experience, cruise the tranquil backwaters on a fully crewed private houseboat, complete with your own personal chef.

If you’re craving rest and relaxation after your celebrations, rejuvenate and restore with a treatment, enjoy an Ayurvedic couples massage or try a yoga class at a peaceful well-being resort.  Share a romantic picnic in one of the many beautiful mountain areas, snuggle up under the shade of coconut trees fringing the sunny beaches and azure blue waters, or watch the sunset during an evening cruise or beach side candlelit dinner.

Infinity Pool at Dusk

For the ultimate Indian honeymoon experience, spend the day with elephants at a peaceful hilltop spa hotel, or make your own cup of tea during a tea plantation visit. If you’re looking for a more active holiday, tempt your taste buds with a private cookery lesson, visit a wildlife sanctuary to spot bison, tigers, and elephants roaming free or try trekking or mountain biking in the hills of Chokkarmudi, Meesapulimalai or Top Valley,

Coconut lagoon paddy hut
Spice Village Private Garden Villa

Whatever you choose to do, there’s no better destination for the first getaway of your happy ever after than South India.

If you’re looking for ideas, great places to visit and amazing accommodation options, a dedicated honeymoon coordinator at ABTA-protected Authentic India Tours can create your bespoke honeymoon tour.


Luxury Destination Wedding Spots for 2019

Gone are the days of huge weddings with hundreds of guests. In today’s experiential landscape, couples are seeking more intimate weddings in uncharted territories that create unique memories with their closest friends and families.

From swimming with sharks and stingrays in the crystal blue waters of Bora Bora right outside your over water bungalow; to canoeing to a private white-sand motu where you’re greeted with champagne and a French-Polynesian drum ceremony before your personalised dinner under the Tahitian sky!

Bora Bora by – Ishan

Or perhaps you prefer an exclusive tour of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s largest mosques with 82 white domes, precious white marble floors, and chandeliers with over 40 million Swarovski crystals; followed by a safari tour in the world’s largest sand desert, where you are led on camel back to a glamorous Middle Eastern-style tented site where you can relax in a romantic spa with Moroccan hammocks and desert rose rituals.

ABU DHABI – Juliana

Recognising this desire for unparalleled experiences, LLG Events rooted itself in the world’s most luxurious destinations to design, manage and execute once-in-a-lifetime events for clients from all over the world.

“It’s not about getting there, it’s about enjoying the process. We make the event experience less typical and entirely personal by incorporating your interests and mindset beyond geography and demographic. It’s authentic, ethical, eccentric…it’s you. Attain the new standard of luxury, where your event is complete with exclusive experiences that tie emotional fulfilment with unforgettable moments that last a lifetime,” said Teal Nicholson, creative director of LLG Events.

ABU DHABI – Cal Engel

With this expertise, LLG Events is unveiling the top 2019 wedding destinations of grandeur across the globe.  Bride Icon received the details on LLG Events’ partnerships with 5-star venues, resorts, and tourism boards in each of these destinations.

1. Dubai—The United Arab Emirates plans to make Dubai the top tourist destination in the world by 2025. “Last year, I had a sense that the invitation-only Destination Wedding Planners Congress would select Dubai as the location for their 2019 conference, and I was right! My guess earned us the first invitation to Atlantis, The Palm for this year’s business-to-business platform that brings together over 70 countries represented by their luxury event industry vendors who cater to celebrity and royalty,” said Lauren Grech, CEO and co-founder of LLG Events.

DUBAI – Lucy M

The influx of wedding vendors for this elite conference alone will form partnerships with venues and vendors of the region. Known for splendorous shopping, ultra-modern architecture, and a lively nightlife scene, Dubai is on the rise for attracting engaged couples.

DUBAI – David Rodrigo

Couples can choose to become part of the preferred clique in Dubai’s shopping district and have the groom don a pair of tailored shoes from their in-house cobbler offering a formal shoe customisation service…or they can choose to have their wedding reception on a yacht sailing through the Arabian Gulf with a full crew catering to them as they watch the sun set over the Dubai skyline.

2. New York City— is where people go to achieve their dreams; so when planning a dream wedding, it will always be at the top of the list for prosperous destinations.

New York City – Fezbot2000

“We have clients coming to New York City from all over the world choosing it to be the destination of their nuptials because it’s the melting pot of cultures where everyone is comfortable coming together, and that’s the most important part of a wedding day,” said Teal Nicholson.

“The best event designs are an expression of who you are and who you’re meant to be. Marrying in New York City allows couples to share their backgrounds, their values, their interests, and their love with components that transcend across generations.”

Additionally, the options for venues are endless, so couples can choose one, or even multiple, that are a true reflection of what they want their wedding day to be…whether that’s a hotel with outstanding views of Central Park, cocktails served exclusively in Baccarat crystal, or royal residences with Louis XIV-style.

New York City – Mohit Singh

3. India“Celebrities always set trends, so with the recent weddings of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja, we know that others will start to flock to India for their own interpretations of a celebrity-inspired wedding,” says Lauren Grech.

India – Pablo Heimplatz

Premier publications are highlighting these extravagant, lavish weddings that extend over multiple days. This publicity provides all the necessary information on how to plan a destination wedding across the country, whether couples want to marry on a 32-acre oasis with manicured lawns and landscaped gardens; or if they want a property that boasts views of the iconic Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

India – Raghu Nayyar

4. Bora Bora—Named the top-trending destination for millennial travel in 2019, LLG Events is enhancing the mindset of Bora Bora from a honeymoon destination to a wedding spot that serves beyond elopements to larger groups of friends and family, with bucket-list activities taking over the itinerary.

BORA BORA – Shifaaz-Shamoon

“We recognise that couples are seeking a more exclusive wedding day experience,” says Lauren Grech, CEO and founder of LLG Events. “So we sought out a destination that’s exotic, that was not affected by Zika virus, and that could be affordable for those that were already willing to spend on a large at-home wedding. This led us to our partnership with the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora.”


With a private suite experience that makes travelling to the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora a breeze, and an endless choice of tours and pursuits upon arrival, couples are sure to start tying the knot in this picturesque location.

5. Abu Dhabi is more accessible than ever with an extensive list of new hotels opening. With flights from most major cities, couples can be put at ease when considering the travel experience for their guests with small children or elderly family members. It also often ranks as one of the safest cities in the world.

ABU DHABI – Martin Adams

With all of the large investments being made in the Middle East, the Abu Dhabi Convention and Exhibition Bureau sponsored LLG Events to evaluate 21 of their newest luxury resorts and their accompanying experiences. This push to align with white-glove service proves the significance of the region’s goals of becoming a luxury wedding destination.

ABU DHABI – Zosia Korcz

They are promoting their varied cuisine, culture and time-honoured traditions, with one hotel having 14 restaurants within it, satisfying any indulgence couples may have on a gold platter; and the Women’s Handicraft Centre allowing couples to source local embroidery, weaving and other creative arts for wedding decor or favors.

Looking For a Wedding Destination?  How About A Private Yacht?

bay, blur, boat

Have you and your romantic partner recently become engaged? If so, have you already started to plan your dream wedding?  If you have yet to do so, you may want to look into the chartering of a private yacht.  The chartering of a private is a unique, but romantic way to have the wedding of your dreams.

Before examining the reasons why chartering a private yacht may be perfect for your wedding, it is first important to examine exactly what it is.  In a way, the chartering of a private yacht is also compared to the chartering of a private airplane.  You are essentially paying to rent that airplane for a specific period of time. The only difference is that you are often given a trained crew, like a pilot or a sailing captain.  Yachts are chartered anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks!  If you decide to charter a private yacht, how long you choose to do so will all depend on your preference and the charter reservations that have already been made.

boat, chair, couch

Now that you know exactly what the chartering of a private yacht entails, you may be wondering exactly why it would make a good destination for your wedding.  One of those reasons is the yacht itself.  Although yachts come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, almost all are considered luxurious.  The reason for this is being everything that can be found onboard.  In addition to a large deck, yachts often have larges, spacious cabins; spacious cabins that tend to include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and eating areas.

White and Blue Yacht on Body of Water

Another one of the many reasons why a private yacht would be the perfect destination for your wedding is because of your choices. In all honesty, the choices that you will have will all depend on the yacht chartering company that you choose to do business with. Despite the possibilities of a variance, it is not uncommon for couples to get married aboard a yacht when it is still docked at a port, but many also choose to get married on the water, when the yacht is actually sailing.  Whichever method you choose to go with, you will likely be pleased with your decision to do so, namely because of the beautiful scenery or backdrop. In fact, that scenery is another one of the many reasons why a ceremony aboard a private yacht may make for the perfect wedding.

Aerial View of White Boat Traveling Near Green Island

To forever cherish a wedding, pictures and video footage are often taken.  Many couples go to great lengths to ensure that their wedding pictures are absolutely breathtaking.  When getting married aboard a private yacht, you really don’t even have to do much work, it is already beautiful.  Since most private yachts are luxurious in nature, they automatically create beautiful, romantic backdrops for pictures or video footage.  It really doesn’t matter whether you choose to get married while docked at a port or on the open waters, your wedding pictures are guaranteed to not only look beautiful, but scream elegance and romance.

chair, coconut, exotic

Although many individuals view the cost of chartering a private yacht to be expensive, it might not have to be for your wedding. It is no secret that wedding are expensive.  If you are looking to have your wedding at a beautiful, elegant, well-known venue, there is a good chance that you could end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to so. This cost can easily be compared to the chartering of a private yacht.  In fact, you may even find the chartering of a private yacht to be more affordable than having a wedding in or around your hometown!

apartments, architecture, bay

In conjunction with the above mentioned cost, it is also important to mention the honeymoon. You may be able to save yourself a considerable amount of money by chartering a private yacht for your wedding, as well as your honeymoon.  It is not uncommon for couples to have small private wedding ceremonies aboard a private yacht and then depart on their honeymoon!  If you haven’t started planning your wedding yet, there is a good chance that you haven’t started planning your honeymoon either.  The chartering of a private yacht may be something to seriously consider.

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Rachael Aprill Phillips is a freelance writer and the founder of Rachael Academy you can find out more about her work on

Sandals Barbados

Sandals Barbados – A Honeymoon Fit For Royalty

Sandals Barbados

It was the wedding of the year when Meghan Markle found her Prince Harry now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. With the eyes of the world watching the colourful display of pomp and pageantry in Windsor Castle, the only other question on everyone’s mind was where would they head to their honeymoon?

With their love story played out to the millions watching, it was only inevitable to imagine they would head somewhere that entwines love and luxury, together with pure relaxation and tranquillity beyond their dreams.  So it was only fitting to say Sandals Barbados with their picture perfect setting would be the ideal place to continue their enchanting romance.

Sandals Barbados

A honeymoon set in the luxury Sandals resort in Barbados promises pure opulence with accommodation across 3 villages promoting world class cuisine, a private butler service and unlimited long stretches of sandy white beaches to unwind and enjoy the Caribbean sun and surf.  Renowned world-wide as the resort made for love, Sandals Barbados creates experiences of exotic bliss and romance under blue skies and sunshine.

Sandals Barbados

The newly opened luxury resort in Barbados is amongst one of the world’s most popular locations for couples travelling to their honeymoon. Voted a ‘Top All-Inclusive Resort for Honeymoons’ it is apparent to see why it is such an admired destination for couples. Combined with lush green gardens and beautiful white sandy beaches, there are a range of luxury accommodations that offers spacious rooms or suites aptly named Love Nest Suites®.

Sandals Barbados

Fully equipped with all the mod-cons for lavish living and choices of being situated on cliff-tops overlooking the crystal blue sea, or unwinding with a cool drink by the sparkling sun-kissed pools – Sandals Barbados provides the ultimate indulgence for complete relaxation. However, if you are a couple that has a keen sense of adventure, then look no further with complimentary scuba-diving (for certified divers) to view the most spectacular encounters with nature through the vibrant coral reefs, or perhaps a spot of sailing, water-skiing or kayaking are all available right on your doorstep!

Sandals Barbados

So if you are after a piece of paradise that exhibits luxury on a grandeur scale then Sandals in Barbados is the place to be.  If you are planning your whole wedding and honeymoon here in this glorious destination, Sandals Barbados provides a supreme wedding package with their very own wedding planners to create your own unique wedding setting with a very personal and unique touch to what you want.

Sandals Barbados

Bride Icon has teamed with I Own Luxury to bring together luxury holidays and wedding services.  With over 10 years experience in the industry I Own Luxury is an establishment that brings luxuriant brands to luxuriant people.  Each member of I Own Luxury gains more than just deals and offers – they embrace an elegant lifestyle tailor made to their way of life.  I Own Luxury offers their members and organisations associated to them a premier service on the following:

* Holidays * Flights * Hotels * Bespoke fashion designers * Wedding services * Personal shopping assistance * Yachts & Super cars * Full chauffeur services * Close protection security services * Guest list and table services in top clubs, bars and restaurants plus loads more!

So book your holiday in Barbados today with I Own Luxury – and don’t forget to quote our special code IOL/BI 

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Contact number: 0203 504 1545

Sandals Barbados

Photos courtesy of I Own Luxury

How to Plan Your Kauai Wedding and Honeymoon

Kauai is a tropical Pacific paradise and one of the most romantic places on earth. Thousands of couples visit the island to get married and spend quality time together every year. Several activities are available for the ultimate experience such as golfing, sightseeing, hiking and swimming. There are places that cater to special events that will truly give you the Kauai wedding and honeymoon worth remembering.

Let’s take a look at some ideas you both can enjoy.


Romantic Wedding Ideas

The most common wedding idea would be to exchange vows and have the ceremony with a beautiful ocean view backdrop.

Image result for Kauai is a tropical Pacific paradise wedding

You get to have the best venue preparation complete with tropical plants and flowers, attractive leis and original hula and Hawaiian music. Other excellent sites and venues include mountain views, cliff side, tropical rain forests and ancient architectural wonders. Some unique activities that can be incorporated into your wedding are a horse-drawn carriage or limousine, conch shell blowing, tiki torch lighting and special presentations by local performers.

If you want to get married in more isolated zones, you may try Kalihiwai Beach or the “Secret Beach” as well as Lumahai Beach. Hanalei and Haena also has marvelous beaches that take you away from the crowded areas so you can have all the serenity and quietness you’ve always wanted. The south shore of Kauai has Mahaulepu beach accessible via a well-protected cane road.

Image result for Kauai is a tropical Pacific paradise wedding

Professionals allow you to choose from a variety of themes with special additions that cater to your personal preferences. Professional wedding photographers and videographers are also available so ask for a list from your hotel, view the local directory or surf the internet.

A number of world-class hotels are also located conveniently near the ocean and coast so you get to have a magnificent view as well as luxurious accommodation and reception. Kauai wedding planners and event organizers are located throughout the different towns and cities so you can conveniently apply and acquire your marriage license.

To obtain a marriage license, the couple needs to be at least 18 years of age with certified proof. The groom and bride should appear together in person before a marriage license agent and prepare and file the official application. A fee will be asked upon approval and the license is valid for 30 days throughout Hawaii.


A Hearty Honeymoon


Several great places are located throughout the island for your grand Kauai wedding and honeymoon. Na Aina Kai and the Limahuli Gardens feature a tropical garden with unique Hawaiian plants and flowers for a great photography background.

Related image

The Coco Palms is a popular place where Elvis was married to Joan Blackman in the movie Blue Hawaii. You can also checkout other natural treasures like the Waimea Canyon, Wailua Falls, Fern Grotto on the Wailua River and Opaekaa Falls. Several lagoons are found all around the island where you can have a very romantic canoe ride or quick dip.

Image result for Limahuli Gardens Honeymoon

Some of the best hotels to stay in are the Princeville Resort, Grand Hyatt and Marriott featuring several unique amenities like an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, 18-hole golf course, Jacuzzi, spa, fine dining areas with a wonderful view of the ocean, clubs and bars and special events occasionally.

Related image

Go to the beach and downtown to experience the night life for your Kauai honeymoon. Luaus are held frequently so check with the hotel front desk to make reservations and avail of special buffets and treats for newlyweds.

Image result for Limahuli Gardens Honeymoon