Emmy London

Emmy London Launches Meadow Dreaming Collection

Emmy LondonCelebrating their first year in Chelsea, Emmy London marked the occasion with the launch of their new Meadow Dreaming Collection of luxurious shoes.  Inspired by the combination of wild flowers and the luscious green pastures, the collection pays homage to nature in its purest form, and conveys the shades and floras into an enchanting meadow theme.

Emmy LondonThe delightful boutique based in the affluent Fulham Road, London was adorned with an assortment of meadow greenery and shrubs, and guests were served with a colourful range of meadow themed cocktails to celebrate the launch of their innovative collection.

Emmy LondonEmmy Scarterfield the designer behind Emmy London described how the whole project has been part of a very indulgent creative journey producing some standout designs that includes all over tussles and sophisticated meadow embroidery – executing her vision of simplicity and dreamy meadows in luxury shoes.

Over the decade, Emmy London has distinguished itself for its creativity and flair in luxury lifestyle, most prominently on bespoke bridal or special occasion shoes and accessories.  Emmy has furthermore created and designed a diamond jewellery collection exclusively for H Samuel too.
Emmy LondonEmmy London epitomises the beauty that surrounds each of their collections with sheer attention to detail by the designer’s unique creativeness, that transforms a woman into the world of luxury and excellence, when choosing for her very special day.  It has been well acknowledged that amongst all the elegance and timeless designs, there is a hidden gem on the sole of the shoes that sets Emmy apart with her clients.

Emmy LondonHaving seen the splendid Meadow Dreaming Collection, Bride Icon thought it transpired all that is eloquent, blissful and free and classifies those precious moments of long hot summer days with the essence of being simply content.

Emmy LondonFor more details and a selection of bridal accessories and shoes available – see their website www.emmylondon.com