Beauty and Penny The Bee

Penny The Bee

With the latest block buster Beauty and the Beast hitting our screens it was only inevitable that the Disney classic will be celebrated in many forms – one of which is a sensational cake by Cristina, a sugar artist and cake decorator based in North West, London, and the Founder of Penny the Bee!

Penny the BeePenny The Bee

Penny the Bee featured at The National Wedding Show in Olympia, London this year, where one of the themes was inspired by the Beauty and the Beast movie. This became a prominent feature of the show, receiving some excellent feedback and attracting the guests too.   Christina was inspired by other projects too as she had been developing a ‘return to nature’ theme replicating a country wedding in a peaceful and relaxing environment, surrounded by the harmony of nature, the magic of woodlands and the fruits of the forest.  Christina’s imagination captures everyone living their biggest dreams, marrying someone they truly love and creating the roots of their perfect life.

Penny the Bee

Beginning her career as an amateur cook with a passion for illustrations and fairy tale writing, Christina dedicated her time to exploring new ways of cooking, with particular attention to table arrangements and decorations.  Christina obtains her inspiration from the world around her. From an early age, she has always been a good observer, capturing the smallest of details in every moment.  According to Christina, a passion for detail is what makes the difference between good quality and exceptional quality.  Her creativity stems from a wedding dress, a photograph, a sunny day, a child’s book, a garden full of flowers, a colour palette, or just even a precious moment.  She truly loves to add a touch of style and beauty to everything that she envisages, giving originality and uniqueness to her creations – but not forgetting the extravaganza and the hint of fantasy.

Penny the Bee

Impressed by some amazing cakes seen in magazines and in shops, she decided to attend her first cake decorating course in April 2013.  It was love at first sight!  In 2014, willing to improve her skills and wishing to combine the Italian style with the English decorating techniques, she started to attend a selection of cake decorating courses, from sugar paste to modelling, sugar flowers, royal icing, wonky cakes, baking, cupcakes and many more.  Subsequently in 2015, she began her new adventure with Penny the Bee.

Penny the Bee

To recreate her vision, every Penny the Bee cake is customized according to the client’s needs and dreams with exquisitely hand crafted decorations and meticulous attention to detail.  Christina only uses the finest ingredients and every cake is freshly made to order.  Her mission is not just to create a stunning cake – but through her cakes – create memories that will last a lifetime!

Penny the Bee is based in NW London and has been awarded 5 star food hygiene rating. While studying for her LLM Master’s degree, she decided to study also for the PME Professional Diploma, obtaining the PME Masters Certificate from the Knightsbridge PME School of Cake Decorating.  For more details please visit 

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