Design in Scent

A 170 Year Old Royal Wedding Secret

As rumour and anticipation builds up around the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it seems inevitable that royal wedding fever will soon be consuming our hearts and minds once again. There is no doubt that Ms. Markle will have allowed herself to imagine a dream wedding to her handsome Prince, and as every modern bride knows, the newest must-have wedding accessory to add to her planning list is: the perfect wedding fragrance.

Capturing the joy of your engagement and wedding through the power of scent is evolving into the next big thing in weddings. London based fragrance designers, Design In Scent, are paving the way with the UK’s first ever dedicated Wedding Fragrance Collection featuring 8 eau de parfums, 4 feminine and 4 masculine, and 4 ambience fragrances, all carefully designed to add even greater meaning, memory and magic to a couples engagement, wedding day and honeymoon.

Design in Scent

Design In Scent’s Frosted Veil eau de parfum, is the perfect choice for a Princess, inspired by tradition and regality with a Heart of Myrtle which holds a special place in Royal wedding history….

For over 170 years every British Royal Bride has carried a sprig of Myrtle in her bouquet to bring good luck in love and marriage. The tradition began when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were married. The year before, Victoria was gifted a Myrtle plant from Prince Albert’s grandmother after which she planted at her home, Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. Today this Myrtle plant still flourishes and provides the Myrtle for each Royal bouquet. Even the Duchess of Cambridge carried two sprigs hidden within her wedding bouquet. Myrtle is beautifully fragrant, crisp, cool, and camphoraceous. Its uplifting scent evokes feelings of tradition, holiness and the sacred.

Design in Scent

Frosted Veil is part of the Tomorrow Fragrance Journey, designed with winter weddings in mind…A frosted scene is set, as you walk from one identity to the next and learn more intuitively who you really are. Day merges into night and night once again into day. Let go and take a deep breath of destiny. Tomorrow is waiting.

Deep Dusk Masculine – eau de parfum £120
Top: Black Pepper, Clove & Nutmeg
Heart: Suede, Frankincense, Patchouli & Woods
Base: Olibanum & Tree Moss

Frosted Veil Feminine – eau de parfum £120
Top: Frosted Molecules
Heart: Myrtle
Base: Myrrh, Musks & Dry Woods

Tomorrow Union – ambience mist £50 & candles £40
A blend of Frosted Veil & Deep Dusk

Design in Scent

The Design In Scent wedding fragrances are available in eau de parfum, candles, ambience mists and intelligent air diffusers for scenting large spaces. A range of miniature products that can be personalised are available as guest favours. This range of fragrances give couples the ability to weave scent throughout their engagement and wedding day in many unique and creative ways.

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