Wedding Planner Career – Tips On Preparing The Wedding Budget

Here on Bride Icon as you all know we are passionate about weddings and we hope we offer and share with you some great tips and advice for your big day. So we thought we would change it up a little and offer some words of wisdom for the budding Wedding Planner out there who is about to launch out on the adventure of a life time of planning their first ever wedding.

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We hope the information we share here will give some much needed help in helping you plan your first ever wedding successfully, do let us know how we did buy leaving a comment below.

Okay you’ve launched out into the deep, you’ve printed out your pretty business cards and you’ve done your marketing and advertising and you’ve now landed your first ever wedding to plan. Congratulations that’s the easy first step out of the way, all you have o do now is plan the Big Day! No pressure.

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Once you have gotten a basic idea of what the couple is imagining, you can begin to figure out how much the couple’s dream wedding will cost, and how much money the bride and groom (or their families) are planning to spend.

Obviously, not every couple has unlimited funds to plan their nuptials. A good wedding planner will be able to take the couple’s picture perfect wedding and scale it down to size as necessary to fit their budget. However, the budget will definitely influence many of the couple’s decisions about the wedding. There are two ways to determine the cost of the wedding. The couple’s first option is to set the budget and plan the wedding accordingly. The second option is to plan the couple’s dream wedding and figure out how to fund the affair later.

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Factors that will affect the cost of the wedding:

  1. – Date and Time
  2. – Formality
  3. – Number of Guests
  4. – Food
  5. – Flowers, Music, and Photography
  6. – Ceremony and Reception Venues
  7. – Location

You will quickly learn ways to manipulate these factors to cut costs as necessary. The bride and groom must be able to prioritise their wish list. If the couple’s dream wedding is a black-tie affair in June with a catered, sit-down meal for 500 people in an expensive hotel ballroom, the couple better have a lot of cash or be ready to make some compromises. A good budget will take into account every aspect of the wedding. Your role is to help the bride and groom find ways to choose the most important elements and downscale in 30 other ways as necessary.

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The black-tie affair in the fancy hotel ballroom could cost significantly less if the couple chooses to have the wedding during an off-season month or day (think a Friday night in April or November) or has a late-evening reception with drinks and dessert. An open bar, designer gown, live music, or elaborate floral arrangements are all expensive options that can be scaled back to cut costs — unless the couple is set on that specific detail. Odds are the bride and groom are not the only ones with big ideas for their big day. Parents and families on both sides will likely have their own idea of what the wedding should entail. If the couple’s parents are footing a large portion of the bill, remind the bride and groom that their parent’s opinions should be taken into consideration.

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