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Homeopath and botanist, Dr Samira Zaidan is an expert on the health and beauty benefits of natural organic ingredients, with over 25 years of experience treating ailments.  Samira and her daughter Mona are Founders of the London-based start-up Azara Beautique, where through their links to the Middle East, they collect rare ingredients such as frankincense, zamzam and camel’s milk to use in their unique soap range. Regarded as offering the purest cosmetic range, blended with the refined jewels of the Arab world, Azara Beautique have exclusively featured a range of exotic soaps and have shared with us some of these traditions and beauty secrets here on Bride Icon!

Azara Beautique

For thousands of years Arabian mothers and female relatives have prepared their young brides for their wedding day by making remedies and cosmetic treatments for them from natural ingredients that are found locally. These remedies and treatments have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations and are considered to be wealthy beauty secrets.

  1. Sidr Honey: Pure and organic Yemeni sidr honey is one of the best treatments for your skin and hair, as it is full of anti-bacterial, healing and hydrating properties. Apply it to your hair as a conditioner before rinsing it out with warm water for soft and healthy hair and/or apply it to your skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne and other skin infections.
  2. Coffee: The caffeine in Arabic coffee is known to rejuvenate and stimulate the blood circulation and it can break through clogged pores giving the skin a deep and exfoliating cleanse. It is also a great treatment for cellulite, as it encourages blood flow if you massage it well into the affected areas, resulting in firmer looking skin.
    Azara Beautique
  3. Neem: Neem has been used in the Middle East and India for thousands of years and is used extensively in many natural medicines for its disease fighting properties. Neem leaves are rich with vitamin E, oleic acid and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties that are extremely beneficial in healing scars and treating various infections, such as eczema and psoriasis.
  4. Moringa: Moringa leaves are considered to be miracle leaves by the Indians and ancient Egyptians, due to their extremely high vitamin A, C, E and mineral content. Moringa helps to heal wounds and fights parasites, such as ring worm.
  5. Blackseeds: These seeds are obtained from the nigella sativa flowers and have been known as “the blessed seeds” for their healing properties for thousands of years by the Arabs. The Ancient Egyptians believed that this seed is the cure to all diseases, when eaten or ground and applied as a mask to the face, as they are rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which helps the skin to heal from deep within.
    Azara Beautique
  6. Arabic gum: This resin from Sudan supports and stimulates the skin’s reproduction of collagen and elastin, rebuilding and repairing the skin and reducing the appearance of scars and damage caused by infections and irritation.
  7. Henna: This plant has been used across the Middle East, North Africa and India for generations to nourish the skin and scalp and give dull hair a gorgeous healthy shine and a rich deep brown/red colour. Henna has also been traditionally mixed with water and oils to form a paste that is applied to the hands and feet of brides by henna artists. The henna stains the skin to reveal beautifully decorated hands and feet.
  8. Frankincense: Green Hojari Omani frankincense is the finest grade of frankincense available. The transforming effects of frankincense on the skin are immediately visible, as it regenerates and promotes the production of new cells, and as a powerful astringent it tightens and firms the skin giving an immediate youthful lift.
    Azara Beautique
  9. Saffron: As an age-old staple of the Middle-Eastern royals’ beauty regime, it has earned its title of ‘red gold’. Saffron deeply nourishes, cleanses and shrink the appearance of pores, whilst its astringent properties tighten and lift the skin smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles to give a beautiful youthful glow to the skin.
  10. Camel milk: Considered a superfood, camel milk is rich in vitamin C, B1, B2, B12 and carotene, which is not only beneficial when drunk but when applied to the skin. Camel milk can be used in soaps and face masks to deeply nourish, smoothen and hydrate dry skin.
    Azara Beautique

Each soap is priced £22, available from Azarabeautique.com