Siren by Sabina Motasem – 2018 Collection

Sabina Motasem

Sabina Motasem presented a stunning preview of the 2018 collection Siren at The Wedding Club in London’s South Kensington last night.  The collection is due to be unveiled at the White Gallery next week, however, Bride Icon have a sneak preview of the latest designs just for you here!

Siren is inspired by the modern-day icons and real women who personify the true characteristics of their femininity.  The beautiful designs portrayed a sense of luxury, realism and serene beauty.

Sabina Motasem started out in the bridal industry since 2006 and now featured with exclusive stockists in Lancashire, Essex, Wiltshire Yorkshire, London, Ireland, US and Australia. Sabina’s creativeness stems from the romance of vintage Hollywood, the passion of dance and the love for modern aesthetics with clean lines. Her talent has been recognised with several awards including the HBV New Entrepreneur Scholarship and was selected to showcase her collection at the Zandra Rhodes’ Fashion and Textile Museum.  Sabina Motasem also won the Highly Commended Award at the 2016 Wedding Industry Awards for London and South East.

Bride Icon have put together an exclusive look at some of our favourites of the 2018 bridal designs – what a striking collection of style, beauty and understated luxury that revels in the enigma of every woman.

Sabina Motasem

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  1. For the new 2018 Sirens collection, to be launched this Summer, we are paying homage to the strong independent women who inspired the creations, from the modern day muses who wore them on their wedding day, to the women we know and love, to the iconic women the designs are inspired by – striking the perfect balance between minimalist and maximalist.

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