David’s Bridal – The Melissa Sweet Collection

David's BridalDavid's BridalWe absolutely just love this stunning set of bridal dresses featured in David’s Bridal.  The Melissa Sweet collection is designed for the bride whose passion represents treasures of the historical age.  The splendid designs are a combination of modern romantic trends but with vintage details and gushing with lace and silky ribbon trims. The bridal dresses are all intricately hand-sewn with beading and a real sense of love.

The designer describes the dresses with a quote saying “A dress isn’t finished until it looks like it fell from heaven”. Of course, just looking at some of the charming details the dresses do look rather heavenly.

David's BridalDavid's Bridal









David's BridalDavid's Bridal








One of the sweetest touches in every Melissa Sweet bridal dress is the hidden pocket near the bride’s heart to carry a keepsake or a good luck charm – how beautiful and touching is that?

Here’s some of our favourites that we have highlighted for you.  However, if you would like to see more details about this exquisite range by Melissa Sweet visit David’s Bridal website at www.davidsbridal.co.uk

David's BridalDavid's BridalDavid's BridalDavid's Bridal









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