Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad Launches Fall 2018 @ The Wedding Club, London

Zuhair Murad’s passion and skills for turning a bride into an icon is unprecedented in the world of couture and bridal fashion.  The creative journey for this reputable designer began in Beirut, Lebanon, where he is renowned for creating a catalogue of ready-to-wear couture and bridal gowns, dressing the royals and celebrities across the globe.

Zuhair MuradBridal couture has particularly been a fond pursuit for Zuhair, combining meticulous attention to detail, sensual silhouettes against the femininity of the female form and the pure accuracy to ensure all the strategic elements of glamour and sensuality are endorsed to create the fairytale dream wedding dress.

Zuhair MuradZuhair MuradThis week, Bride Icon attended the launch of Zuhair Murad’s Fall 2018 collection named a Midwinter’s Night Dream at The Wedding Club in Knighstbridge, London.  Of course, as you can see from the stunning images – yet again, Zuhair Murad has broken another revolutionary record in show stopping bridal gowns.

Zuhair MuradZuhair MuradTaking an ode to the shades of blushing pink and powdery palettes, the gowns are influenced by embellishing silk chiffon, tulle, floral themes, Mikado and lace reminiscing some of his previous inspirations.  The detachable over-skirts and the distinctive long capes define this opulent collection giving the bride the option and flexibility to switch looks during her very special day.  Beads, intricate hand embroidery and 3-D petals were the highlights of each of the fairytale dresses, however, the statement accessories such as the ruffled tulle stoles around the shoulder and the beaded and floor length capes added a touch of magic and Hollywood glamour for every beautiful bride to be!

A midwinter’s night dream enlightened….

Zuhair MuradZuhair MuradAn aurorae borealis, a quartz crystal or blushing cheeks: pink, the eternal symbol of femininity is celebrated throughout Zuhair Murad’s Bridal Collection 2018. The shade is used in a limited palette, ranging from tender ivory to powdered and muted tones, giving centre stage to the house’s savoir-faire and the body it will envelop. The collection celebrates a tradition both ancient and modernized, and more importantly, the woman is it designed for, equally in love and of her time. Flowers appear in all shapes and sizes throughout the pieces, expressing the same philosophy – worn as a crown, natural and untamed, seemingly out of a Romantic-era engraving, embroided in 3D, or delicate on sheer chiffon like a tattoo on nude skin.

Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad

Channelling the timeless elegance of Grace Kelly, the short and bouffant cut Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face or Mia Farrow’s pared down chic in their respective off and on-screen weddings, each design radically rethinks classical codes.  Silk chiffon, tears of ruffles and airy lace create a tension between what is made visible and invisible: boleros, capes and veils drape themselves over a bustier, an off-the-shoulder cut, a high slit…this equilibrium reflects a harmony between worlds, cultures and generations.

Zuhair MuradZuhair MuradThe Wedding Club is the official UK stockist for the complete Zuhair Murad Fall 2018 Collection. www.weddingclub1.com


Muse by Berta

MUSE By Berta 2018

Muse by Berta

After its launch last year, MUSE by Berta has fast become the most popular and praised new bridal line worldwide. With over 50 retailers around the world, and many more that are being opened on a weekly basis, it’s safe to say that this bridal line from the BERTA powerhouse has made its mark on the bridal fashion world.  In direct continuation to this success story, the new 2018 MUSE bridal collection is undoubtedly one of the most effortlessly chic lines to be presented this year.

Muse by Berta

True to the BERTA aesthetics, this new collection is the perfect mix of passion and confidence. Fronting edgy silhouettes with soft dreamy fabrics, it is a contradicting mix of elegance and boldness that makes this collection stand out. The new MUSE ad campaign is a Sicilian love story that is set to take you into a journey through the magic of this authentic Italian island, which has managed to maintain a certain kind of vintage realness, which simply takes your breath away. As the oriental and authentic inspiration that lays at the core of the MUSE line, there couldn’t have been a better location than Sicily to accommodate and tell the MUSE story.

Muse by Berta

MUSE by Berta brought a certain focus on modern, yet romantic silhouettes to the market. This new collection features a vast selection of edgy silhouettes with intricate details of lace, soft layers of tulle, and hints of glimmer. Each piece is a work of art, comprised of handmade details that make these masterpieces shine in their own spotlight. Featuring a sophisticated, sexy feel with high slits, there is an attitude each dress owns like no other.

Muse by Berta

It is contagious while wearing the design, it’s an indescribable feeling of emphatic emotion.  Known for luxury, this fashion forward line is an indulgence of many sorts.  It is no question that this new MUSE collection will be among the most sought-after designs in the coming year.  There is a unique craft that is special to MUSE, which nothing can truly ever come close to.


Duncan Croft

Duncan Croft Bridal

Duncan Croft BridalDuncan CroftTo become a bridal couturier is not a decision taken nonchalantly.  It derives from a certain degree of desire to accomplish the real magic behind the most precious day of your life.  One designer who believes in this concept of couture perfection is Duncan Croft.   Captivated by the flowing vision and opulence of brides from a very young age, it was clear why Duncan propelled himself to study at Australia’s leading Fashion House, which then initiated his career by working in a renowned bridal house in Sydney.  With such notable endorsements, it wasn’t too long before he decided to venture out with his own label, Duncan Croft Bridal, recognising couture as a partnership between the designer’s creativity and the client’s personality.

Duncan Croft BridalSo what can you expect from a Duncan Croft ensemble? Duncan is well known for his intrinsic talent of highlighting his client’s unique features, and accentuating the design with a stunning range of individually tailor made couture creations. Using luxury fabrics from across the globe and laces from the fashion capitals of the world, Duncan is set in creating distinctive designs that enrich on the characteristics of the bride and stems from his pivotal consultations.

Duncan Croft Duncan CroftDuncan is considerate not to label words such as luxury and couture so lightly, given how they are now incorporated effortlessly in so many bridal collections – with little regard for the real tailoring behind a couture garment. Consequently, his objective is to work with couture that is true to the original meaning – and that is to be designed and constructed from the beginning.

Bride Icon has been given an exclusive set of alluring and stylish images of the latest collection by Duncan Croft Bridal.  The bridal gowns are orchestrated in an extravagant setting with crystal chandeliers, and feature a mix of heavy laces, intricate beading and fine embroideries with a feminine corded Chantilly and beaded French laces.  See more of Duncan Croft Bridal on the video below which showcases exactly how Duncan has built his reputation over the last seven years and this truly outstanding collection!

Duncan Croft

Gowns @DuncanCroftBridal
Images – @ImageFrenzyPhotography
Model – @Jess_Wehbe
Hair – @PetaWinterBridalHair
Makeup – @M.Ymakeup
Location and chandeliers – @ChandeliersToDieFor
Shoes – @panacheBridalShoes

Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige In London’s Luxury Bridal Show @ Les Trois Soeurs Bridal

hayley paige

Canary Wharf, London became the epitome of bridal couture when Les Trois Soeurs Bridal hosted their luxury bridal catwalk show in association with Brides Magazine.  Among the elite designers, Miss Hayley Paige graced the event – all the way from New York  – with a sensational viewing of the 2018 collection.

Hayley Paige

Hayley who is here on her first trip to London – since the sweet age of 16, set the catwalk on fire with some surprises in between too.  The bridal collection was married in with one of a kind ‘red carpet’ and speciality pieces.  Hayley thought  it would be fun to mix it in with the bridal range to give it that extra edge and a touch of colour!   However, what caught our eye was the dazzling starry themes and the continuation of the celestial journey – there’s a lot of elements of star dusting and even hidden galaxies within the dress!

Hayley Paige

Hayley’s visit to London is part of a journey to see how the London bride differs from the brides in the States.  Hayley said she feels there is something particularly exciting about the London bride and is hoping to see what exactly she can learn and experience in terms of price point and balance and how it all could be aligned with what the Hayley Paige aura is about.

Hayley Page

We asked Hayley which dress would be her signature statement dress and her reply was  “it had to be the Ball Gown, mostly because that’s where the Miss Hayley Paige domain and iconic novelty has come through. From a philosophical stand point, she’s the girl that wants something that’s really going to set her apart!”  Of course, we couldn’t let Hayley go without asking who would be her ideal Bride Icon.   We were so touched to hear that it was her mum.  Hayley said she would have loved to dress her mum during the 70s retro era where she could push the boundaries but still be in the moment.  Hayley described how her mum was a risk taker in fashion but also very much part of her own style and inspirations growing up.

Hayley PaigeBride Icon would like to say a very special thank you to the lovely Hayley Paige for an enchanting vision of this fabulous collection.  Hayley asked us to write down our favourite dress, it was a little impossible with so many elegant designs – but we absolutely love the Lumi Gown twinkling with stars and glitter – it’s out of this world !!

©Bride Icon

Nilofer Shahid

Nilofer Shahid @ Fashion Parade Bride, London

Nilofer ShahidNilofer ShahidNilofer ShahidFashion Parade Bride, London held in One Marylebone this week featured an array of diverse fashion designers from Pakistan all under one roof.   The invite-only event meticulously organised by Sadia Siddiqui, CEO of Mustang Productions provided a prestigious platform of admired and leading Pakistani designers – including one of the most celebrated and distinctive designers of Pakistani couture Nilofer Shahid. 

This revolutionary designer has contributed immensely to the world of art, fashion and culture. In 2013 she became the first Pakistani fashion designer to be awarded the knighthood Le Grades De Chevalier by the French Government for her work in the development of art, culture and fashion design.

Nilofer Shahid

Nilofer Shahid who was very thrilled to be in London, applauded all the designers who had made a tremendous effort for the Fashion Parade Bride show.  She described how this collection of couture designs were very much fusions to connect and relate to the Western audience. Every Nilofer Shahid collection is carefully researched and never random.  As Nilofer Shahid says herself behind every dress there lies a story, and behind every collection a profound message has been revealed.

Nilofer ShahidNilofer ShahidNilofer Shahid

Thus, last but not least on the runway, the anticipation was high to see what Nilofer Shahid had brought across the waters.  As the music echoed against the architecture of the Grand Hall, it was clear the audience had become mesmerised, and the sparkling true essence of Pakistani fusion couture became inevitable.

Nilofer Shahid is a very proud Pakistani who’s philosophy of bringing and promoting culture forward in fashion has prompted a knighthood.  The couture itself depicts a flow of intricacy and flair, amalgamated with a deep rooted love for tradition, culture and beauty.

We asked who would Nilofer Shahid like to have the opportunity to create a special design for – given it was so hard to particularly pin point one person out of so many icons in the world – Nilofer said Angelina Jolie would be ideal.  We think so too!

A very special thanks to Nilofer Shahid for talking to Bride Icon.

Nilofer ShahidNilofer ShahidNilofer ShahidNilofer ShahidNilofer Shahid



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