Bridal Skincare: The Pre-wedding Prep Your Skin Needs

Bridal Skincare

You have been waiting for your big day for as far as you can remember, and every woman’s dream is to look her very best with her skin reflecting the inner glow she is feeling. However, the biggest fear would be waking up a few days before with signs of a pimple or blotchy skin – but now these things can be prevented if you know how!

Skin specialist and product developer at Colorescience, Patricia Boland, has revealed the only pre-wedding prep your skin needs. She explains here on Bride Icon, when you should begin the prep and what you need to achieve that effortless glow that will look picture perfect.

When should I begin the prep?

A lot of brides want their skin to be luminous and have a natural but dewy complexion which allows them to wear less makeup on the day. In order to achieve that smooth surface you need to invest into a better skincare regime which preps the skin. The later you leave the prep, the more stressed you will become as you will have less time to react to any skin issues on top of the many other responsibilities you hold. Please don’t try anything brand new and drastic before the wedding day as you may get red and flaky skin, stick to what you know suits your skin best.

Start your prep 8 weeks before your big day, most of the work is simple can be done by yourself at home so you don’t to worry about spending a large budget on expensive treatments and products. By maintaining this 5-step process for 8 weeks you will see a big improvement in your skin health.”

Bridal Skincare

So, the 5-step process:

1. Weekly intense hydration mask

Your skin needs to look and feel revitalised as opposed to dehydrated. This is not be confused with dry skin, which is down to a lack of oil, dehydrated skin is caused by a lack of water in the skin. Low levels of moisture can give you a dull complexion, increase fine line and wrinkles and even cause sensitivity and irritation. This affects every type, even oily skin – this step ensures your t-zone is oil free and ready to be a clean base for your makeup. A weekly intense hydration mask will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that are exacerbated by dehydration and leave you with plump, youthful and healthy skin.

Bridal Skincare

2.  Salt scrubs

Brides tend to forget about their arms, legs and chest during their bridal skin prep. All eyes are on you during your big day, so you need to reduce any existing or potential dry patches. Add a bath to your weekly routine and throw in bath salts with sodium bicarbonate, this will break down the dry patches and make your skin supple and a sponge for moisture.

3. SPF always

Sun damage will undo all your hard work and you can be affected more easily than you think. Dull, lackluster skin and dark spots can all be a result of UV rays. Either apply sunscreen at the end of your skincare routine in the morning or incorporate makeup with a high SPF to protect your skin. If you are wishing for a slightly sun kissed and bronzed look for your big day then gradually build in a bronzed moisturiser about 3 days before your wedding. This will give time for your colour to adapt into a beautiful and natural subtle tan.

4. Exfoliate and moisturise your body

Use an exfoliation product, whether in a wash or lotion that has AHA or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) to break down dead cells on the top layer of the skin, doing this daily allows further penetration of the moisturiser you apply. Do not exfoliate with physical scrubs or loofahs as these often remove living cells as well which cause damage to the skin.

5. Achieving the dewy look

Use a natural face oil and work firmly in small circles upwards and outwards over your face. By using the knuckles of your index and middle fingers, work along the jawline and use the heels of your hands to press and hold under the cheekbones. Do this daily before you go to sleep to allow the ingredients to settle into your skin, this will give the skin an incredible quality and glow whilst defining the face contours.

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