2019 Wedding Stationery Trends by Lisa Forde, Tree of Hearts

Tree of Hearts
Tree of Hearts – Pink Country Flowers Collection

2019 is sure to be an incredible year in the world of wedding stationery; we can expect to see beautiful styling reflected throughout a wide range of pieces. Here are just some of the trends set to inspire unforgettable 2019 wedding stationery.

Simple and Sophisticated

Simplicity is key for 2019, with many of our lovely customers opting for minimalist yet sophisticated designs. Many of these are predominantly white, showing that white weddings are as popular as ever. This is partly thanks to people taking inspiration from the royal weddings of 2018, but it’s also due to the rise of small, intimate weddings.


Many couples are choosing nature-inspired designs, with botanicals remaining a strong theme for 2019. Wedding stationery adorned with roses is a popular choice. However, lots of people are also choosing sunflowers, pairing it with rustic styling – a very widespread theme for the last few years. Foliage is gradually overtaking flowers, with more designs than ever featuring plants, particularly the on-trend eucalyptus.

Tree of Hearts
Tree of Hearts – Je t’aime Pocketfold Wedding Invitation & RSVP


Lots of 2019 couples are choosing regal designs – royal wedding fever isn’t dying out anytime soon. Designs with fancy swirls against neutral backgrounds are preferred by many – it’s a classic, timeless look. Likewise, elaborate fonts are also becoming more popular.


Colours are set to be a massive trend for 2019 weddings, and we can expect to see this through the stationery that people are choosing. The trend of blush pink is dying down, and many are choosing much brighter shades, taking inspiration from the 70s with shades of red, orange, and yellow. Likewise, the ‘Jewel Tones’ colour scheme is also rising in popularity, with many people choosing stationery in colours including shades of purple, pink, and green.

Tree of Hearts
Tree of Hearts – Kraft Vintage Flowers Day Invitation

We are also seeing singular shades trending, including burgundy, and Pantone’s Colour of the Year, ‘Living Coral’.  These shades are perfect if you’re looking for something a little bit more eye-catching for your stationery.

Lisa Forde, Founder of Tree of Hearts

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